Anthony Yu
Hi there! I'm a recent graduate from UC Berkeley majored in both computer science and statistics (data science, anyone?). While I'll tell you that I'm from San Jose (well, I was born there at least), I mostly grew up in Shanghai, China where I studied in an international school called The SMIC Private School (Don't ask what SMIC stands for. You'll be confused... SMIC = Super Mario is Cool = Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation. Yep.). Now, I'm excited to be back in the Bay Area, the perfect place to be as an aspiring computer scientist, and I'm eager to start my first full-time opportunity!

Finishing my undergraduate degree at Cal, I have covered a large breadth of disciplines in both computer science and statistics. Besides core ideas covered in algorithms, operating systems, and databases, I've also had a chance to learn things about machine learning and natural language processing. Now, with the theoretical knowledge down, I'm eager to apply all this knowledge to develop meaningful software and extract interesting patterns from data to produce useful solutions for our problems today.

GPA: 3.72
Relevant Coursework:
  • CS 170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
  • CS 162: Operating Systems and System Programming
  • CS 186: Introduction to Database Systems
  • CS 189: Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CS 188: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 168: Introduction to the Internet: Architecture and Protocols
  • INFO 159: Natural Language Processing
  • DATA 100: Priniciples and Techniques of Data Science
  • STAT 151A: Linear Modelling: Theory and Applications
  • STAT 153: Introduction to Time Series
  • STAT 155: Game Theory

In addition to this list, I am a member of UC Berkeley's computer science honor society Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), served as the head advisor (for a full year!) and as the former web development committee director (for three semesters!) for Berkeley's Student Association for Applied Statistics (SAAS), and been part of course staff (also three semesters!) for EE 16A, Berkeley's introductory electrical engineering class.

As relaxing as chilling for a whole summer sounds, it's also a perfect opportunity to apply what I learned in school to real-world problems through internships. I've had the opportunity to work in both software engineering and data analytics positions, and during my senior year I also tacked on some research in one of UC Berkeley's labs. Now I'm ready to tackle my first opportunity full-time!

Position: Undergraduate Researcher for (Ray) Tune, Formerly for Modin
RISELab is a UC Berkeley lab focusing on Real-time Intelligent Secure Explainable systems (how the name came to be!). I started out in Modin, a framework designed to parallelize Pandas to handle big data much more efficiently. I only spent two months with this project, but I was able to add support for reading in JSON files that have a two-times speedup on any file 200 MB or larger. I then moved on to Ray Tune (or just Tune for short), where I did two larger scale projects:

  1. Adding support for a Bayesian optimization library Dragonfly within Tune. This involved exposing a new API for Dragonfly itself -- an ask-tell interface to iteratively retrieve and feed in data points -- to integrate this into Tune. More documentation here for the curious!
  2. Creating tune-sklearn: a grid search cross validation interface similar to scikit-learn's GridSearchCV, but with improved back-end from Tune to add parallelism and early stopping mechanisms to speed up hyperparameter tuning. This project is able to achieve up to 10 times the speed of scikit-learn, and is also able to beat similar libraries like Dask which takes at least double the time of Tune's. Check out the Medium article featuring the new library!

Position: Back-End Engineer Intern (Promoted Inventory Team)
OpenTable is one among many companies within Booking Holdings. OpenTable allows consumers to easily make reservations at restaurants, but more importantly gives restaurants tools to manage customer flow and create campaigns to optimize restaurant business. As a back-end engineer intern on the promoted inventory team, I directly influenced ways for restaurants to promote themselves. Most notably, I worked on a referral code service, where I was able to start (from scratch!) a way for users to refer others to restaurants and enabling both parties to get rewards and badges for successful referrals. Since I kickstarted the project, I was able to interact with many components of the back-end, including continuous integration, the database (PostgreSQL), referral code generation, and handling streams of events. This internship has given me a much better view of Java and agile development in industry and was an excellent summer to supplement my academic education!

Position: Software Engineering and Data Analytics Intern
Axalent is a start up in Shanghai, China that redefines how we can use smart lighting and sensors to create new systems for both the home and the office. I personally analyzed how the user interacted with the lights to suggest schedules and groups for automated light controls. This involved both data visualizations and lightweight machine learning to ultimately develop this recommendation system, which allowed me to apply all facets of what I learned so far into practice!

Position: Data Analyst Intern
UC Berkeley's Residential and Student Services Programs (RSSP) started a new data analytics team in recent years to help generate insights and create solutions for the different offices in the building from their respective data. I worked on a multitude of projects, including:

  1. Creating a dashboard to highlight database migration discrepancies
  2. Implementing a payment log along with scripts to generate receipts or summary files for the AR office
  3. Writing scripts to generate rosters from a database of recreational sports camp attendees

There's no point in learning technical skills if I don't apply them, right? Of course, I've also completed some projects on the side (besides this website), and I'll be sure to work on some more in both hackathons and random spare time in the future!

Inspired by our success with Megafind, we took our web app to the next level and made a new version to be used in some of Berkeley's computer science classes (currently CS 61A)! This version is more tuned towards video lectures captured live or pre-recorded, providing a view of the video, a transcript, and a Q&A pane linked to Piazza all in one dashboard. Instructors can also insert small exercises to allow viewers check their understanding while watching the lecture!

A web app for the ultimate lecture experience, complete with live speech-to-text transcription, entity extraction, a note-taking window with lecture slide text scraped, and a summarizer of the entire lecture. My team developed this at Cal Hacks 4.0 and won first place! Check out our DevPost and Sparkpost's featured blog post on Megafind!

A Python app "kinecting" music and motion together -- move your arms in all sorts of funky ways to piece together your own beat and melody! Check out our DevPost to see how we put this Best Entertainment Hack together at Hacktech 2019!

Web Tutorials
As director of the web development committee for SAAS (we used to be called SUSA), I've co-authored a series of web development tutorials that anyone is free to access! The tutorials include introductions to Git and HTML/CSS to make cool websites like mine! Check them and other projects out at our committee page!

SMIC Trades
A website for my high school to help students buy or sell secondhand books from each other. It has been passed onto underclassmen in the school's computer club.


An Arduino project that cuts electricity flow when it isn't needed. We entered GNHD with this project and won second place!

Okay, so let's get a little more specific about skills. For starters, obviously I have some basics down for web development, since you're looking at a result of it right now! I'm still working on expanding my technical skills, but through my internships, projects, and school, here's what I got down so far:

  • Most comfortable with: Python (including NumPy, Pandas), Java, SQL, R
  • Some experience with: C/C++, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP
  • Preliminary exposure to: RISC-V Assembly, Swift, Scheme

  • Technical Stuff: Jupyter Notebook, LaTeX, Tableau, Excel/Google Sheets, XCode, GDB, Arduino
  • Artsy Stuff: Adobe Photoshop, iMovie
  • Musical Stuff: GarageBand

As nerdy as all of that may have been, I still do some fun stuff. Or at least I think it's fun. :)

I'm not an intense gamer, but I do play Clash Royale daily (still after almost four years!). I currently hit 6600 trophies consistently, up in the "royal champion" leagues where the top few percent of players compete. I have a personal best of 6898 trophies, and I managed to end the May 2020 season at rank #6924! But my best ranking at any given point in time is #1663 midway into the April 2019 season, and some day I hope to beat that! I'm also currently an active Twitch streamer where I share my Clash Royale gameplay at least twice a week along with other casual games from time to time, so if looking at my Clash Royale profile isn't enough for you, come say hi on my stream!

I also used to play some chess (haters will call this nerdy), competing in tournaments and brushing up on tactics. I tried my hand again at chess in February 2020 for a team tournament, but if I want to be the next Magnus Carlsen, looks like I have a lot more to go...

Musically, I've been a drummer since middle school, and I even played in a rock band for a couple years in high school. Sadly, having a drumset in my apartment here would annoy my roommates and neighbors, so all I can do now is (sort of) beatbox or get lit through virtual drums.

Other random things I enjoy are playing basketball and laying in bed for an extra multiple of 9 minutes before the alarm goes off again (that's how my snooze works apparently). Oh, and Mickey Mouse is great. If you haven't figured it out from the background. Just making sure. :)

And that's the end! If you feel there's anything you need to let me know, whether it's some cool tech coming out, a job offer (wink wink), or a casual Clash Royale 2v2 battle, feel free to shoot me an email! I'll be sure to read and reply to them as soon as I can as long as you promise to make yourself not look like spam.

anthonyhsyu (at) berkeley (dot) edu

You should also really check out my Twitch channel! Last shameless plug before we wrap up :P